Bathtub Installation, Repair, Replacement in Baltimore (MD)

An updated bathroom helps to increase the value of your home. Most significant part of that cost and update is the bathtub. A bathtub may cost anywhere from $200 to $2500 excluding the delivery charges for normal sized tubs.

At Honest Abe Plumbing, we can help you find the right sized bathroom for your bathroom and your needs to fit your price range.

Installing a bathtub is no easy task and there are multiple reasons why you should use a professional plumber to increase both the life and quality of your bathtub.

Bathtubs require connection to plumbing lines, cementing and ensuring that everything is working properly and will stay the same way for years to come!

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  • We do both bathtub installs and repairs.
  • Our technicians have years of experience installing bathtubs.
  • We guarantee the lowest prices!
  • We only use the best quality brands and materials.
  • All our installations come with a service guarantee.

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